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CUTE ANNOUNCER: All right, let's try asking this student here.

CUTE ANNOUNCER: Hypothetically speaking, what are your thoughts on these Phantom Thieves, if they were real?

[ They're justice itself. | They're necessary. | They do more than the cops. ]


CHEERFUL HOST: This completely goes against the opinion you had about them being tried by law, Akechi-kun.

Indeed. It's rather intriguing to hear such a strong aknowledgment.

In that case, there's one more question I'd like to ask...

If someone close to you, for example, your friend next to you...

If his heart suddenly changed... wouldn't you think it was the work of the Phantom Thieves?

[ Not at all. | They only target criminals. | What would you think? ]

I see. But how can you be so sure?

Whether the Thieves' actions are good or not, I feel there is a more important issue at hand.

CHEERFUL HOST: Hm? What do you mean?

The matter of how they change people's hearts.

If they honestly possess that ability... it could be used for more than extracting confessions.

It could be that what seem to be ordinary crimes are actually being perpetrated by these methods...

CHEERFUL HOST: You know, you're absolutely right.

Oh, please don't misunderstand. This is all purely hypothetical...

It is only if people who can use such a power truly exist. Either way though, this cannot be ignored.

To be honest, I'm already working alongside the police to help sort out this matter.

ANN: It kinda seemed like what he was saying might be right...

RYUJI: He made it sound like we're the baddies. I don't like it.

ANN: But that stuff about the police... Do you think it's for real?

MORGANA: He can say whatever he wants. The justice of it all is something we can decide for ourselves.

RYUJI: Oh sorry, I gotta go take a leak. Can you guys wait here? I'll be right back.

ANN: Oh my god... I'm gonna keep going, okay?

Oh, it's you!

I'm glad I found you. I wanted to thank you in person.

To paraphrase Hegel, advancement cannot occur without both thesis and antithesis...

Haha, my apologies. What I mean is that our discussion was quite meaningful.

Few people around me are so willing to speak their minds as freely as you did earlier.

Adults are only interested in using the young, while they simply do as the adults say.

There are too many irresponsible people in these modern times. I can understand why you'd support the Phantom Thieves.

It's possible that this group is just as you believe and they are truly acting with good intentions.

Since they have special talents, I assume their hearts must be burning with a sense of justice and duty...

But that justice is merely a fa├žade concealing their lack of true strength.

That's why I believe, if a truly powerful opponent were to corner them, they would flee without a second thought.

[ They wouldn't run. | They'd fight to the end. ]


You really are intriguing. I bet you'd make for a worthwhile debate partner on the subject.

If it's all right with you, would you continue sharing your thoughts with me?

[ That's fine by me. | I'd love to. ]

Thank you, that's great news. I sense something in you that's quite different from other people.

I guess you can call it my detective's intuition? Haha, kidding, of course.

It seems the detective Akechi has taken a liking to me...

Ah, yes--we should exchange contact info.

...And, registered.

Well, I hope to see you again sometime soon.

MORGANA: A detective's intuition, huh? We shouldn't underestimate that.

MORGANA: On the other hand, there's an awful lot we could learn from him. If he contacts you, try hanging out with him.

RYUJI: Sorry for takin' so long! ...Wait, was that Akechi?

RYUJI: I can't stand that high an' mighty attitude! Just breathin' the same air as him makes me sick.

RYUJI: C'mon, Akira. Let's go.

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I found myself with some free time, so I was hoping to find someone to play against.

[ You always seem so busy. | Do you have no friends? ]

Well, I wouldn't say I'm unoccupied, but I''m not busy all the time either.

If anything, it's my policy to spend my spare time in meaningful ways.

Now, let's play a game. You've played pool before, correct?

Oh, my apologies. A break ace.

[ Is that your win? | Not bad. ]

It was just a coincidence.

Of course, this game won't count. Let's start over.

Oof... Bad move on my part. If you get this next one, I'm in trouble.

Not bad. Everything's riding on your next shot, though. How will you handle this?

[ Shoot very carefully. | I'll go for a power shot. ]

Well, let's see your skills.


There wasn't enough force. It didn't even reach the pocket...

I win.

That was a close one, though. I suppose it would have been embarrassing to lose as your senior, huh?


Something seems off...

Is something the matter?

[ You used your right hand. | ...Aren't you left-handed? ]


I'm honestly surprised you noticed. That's right, this one's my dominant hand.

I switched hands during the game. It's not anything against you. Going all-out against a junior just seems a bit gauche...

But I confess you've surprised me.

I'm rather dextrous with my right hand. I can even use chopsticks with it. Frankly, I didn't expect you to see through it.

[ Maybe I'll be a detective. | No holding back next time. | I see a lot of things. ]

Interesting. It's a nice idea... I'd like to try a match where I don't have to hold anything back.

In any case, you truly are interesting. You never cease to intrigue me.

I can sense Akechi's appreciation...

If you ever manage to win against me using my right hand, then I will face you with everything I have.

You have my word.

Hey. Thanks for coming along today.

Our little game turned out to be more interesting than I expected.

Barely anyone noticies when I don't use my dominant hand. I can only commend your powers of observation.

I think you'd be an interesting influence on me. If you're so inclined, we could go out again sometime.

[ Sure. | I'll think about it. | As rivals? ]

Haha... Whatever works for you. As long as I can spend some time with you, think of it as you please.

Well! I suppose I'll reach out the next time something comes up. See you.

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The cake here's fairly popular. I've been wanting to try it myself.

[ Got a sweet tooth, huh? | Come here often? ]

Well, I don't hate sweets, but I'm not exactly partial to them...

Fads tend to be fairly similar, so I'm more curious about its popularity than its taste.

Well, why don't we give it a try?

Mm. It was delicious after all...

I actually enjoyed that more than I thought I would.

FAD-FOLLOWING WOMAN: Hey, look! Isn't that him?

FORGETFUL WOMAN: Ohh, you mean the guy who's on TV these days... Who was he again?

FAD-FOLLOWING WOMAN: Wasn't his name Akechi-kun? You know, the next-generation Detective Prince?

FAD-FOLLOWING WOMAN: Should we ask him for an autograph? Might be something worth bragging about...

Uh-oh. Looks like I've been spotted.

[ Should've figured. | Your life must be so hard. | I can shoo them away... ]

Haha, I don't think that'd work out well. I have a public image to think about.

MALE PASSERBY: Huh? Is someone important here?

GOSSIPY WOMAN: Who is it? *gasp* Is it a celebrity?

Looks like I'm out of time. I wish I could've relaxed a little longer, though.

We should go.

[ You've done nothing wrong. | Why the rush? ]

Sorry, but I think it'd be best to leave. I'm only going to cause problems if I stay.

A shame I don't have glasses like you. Maybe I would have been able to get out of this situation.

[ How about we find out? | Come here a sec. ]

Huh? Hey, what are you-!?


FAD-FOLLOWING WOMAN: Oh, he's back. This time, I'll get his autograph for...

FORGETFUL WOMAN: Hey, is that boy really Akechi-kun?

FAD-FOLLOWING WOMAN: You know... Now that I see him up close, I'm not sure...

FORGETFUL WOMAN: Maybe you were seeing things?

FORGETFUL WOMAN: I don't remember the show too well, but I'm pretty sure he didn't look like that.

FAD-FOLLOWING WOMAN: Aww! If he was the real thing, I could've bragged about meeting him.


...I can't believe you actually did that.

I suppose I'd better learn to watch what I say around you.

[ You looked great. | It was a necessary evil. | I should've taken a picture... ]

Is that so? Well, who else could make a peasant of the Detective Prince?

Still... there's no knowing how things may go unless you give it a try, hm?

I think I've learned a valuable lesson. Thank you.

I can sense Akechi's gratitude towards me...

Looks like our coffee's gone cold. Why don't we order new ones?

Hello. It's a shame our discussion was interrupted today... I was rather enjoying having a breather with you.

But you certainly surprised me today. I can't believe we got out of that with such a basic trick.

It was an interesting experience, but... I definitely don't want to go through that ordeal ever again.

I saw firsthand what happens when I'm too careless with my words around you.

[ That was careless, huh? | Wasn't it fun? | I can always dress you up again. ]

Ahaha, I hope you're not being serious.

Though if you mean it... Any interest in becoming my stunt double? You can dress up as me.

You and I aren't terribly different in height. I'm sure my clothes would fit you.

If we do this, it'll have to be carefully planned, of course. I'll be dictating everything, from hair to accessories.

Nobody would notice the switch, I'm sure. We proved it today-most people can't see beyond the superficial.

Whoops... I've an early start tomorrow, so I'll have to excuse myself. See you soon.

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Billiards is such a fascinating game, don't you think?

You can't simply strike the ball you're aiming for. You have to be indirect, but precise, to land it in the pocket...

[ Yeah, it's convoluted... | That's why it's so fun.]

Precisely. And the most interesting part is that it has so many parallels to a theoretical "perfect crime."

You eliminate your target without ever directly connecting yourself to it. I don't suppose that rings any bells?

[ The psychotic breakdowns. | What're you getting at? ]

That's right. Even the cases of criminals' hearts being changed, too.

Everything happening around us, every little inconsequential event, may simply be one ball striking another.

...But there's no guarantee that the ball can be precisely controlled.

And despite the player's best intentions, the ball may strike many unrelated obstacles in its path.

Even then... do you still intend to play this game?

[ I've made up my mind. | I won't miss my shot. ]

...Impressive. You win.

That was quite a heated match. Shall we cool off in the evening breeze for a moment?

Even if it was with my self-imposed handicap, I'm impressed that you beat me. You've become quite skilled.

[ It's thanks to you. | I couldn't let myself lose. ]

Coming from anyone else... that would have sounded like sarcasm. Though that only makes it sting even more...

Remember when I said before that you and I are similar?

We're both victims of unjust adults. And now, we have the will and power to rise up against them.

Yet I'm doing so as a detective, and you're acting as a phantom thief. Our stances couldn't be more different.

[ But we're teammates now. | You want to join us? ]

...For now, yes.

But even that united front will soon end. And after that, everything will return to the way it was, no?

Why not join me instead...? All you'd have to do is abandon the teammates you have now.

Akechi's eyes are deadly serious. I need to give him a real answer...

How about it?

[ I'll think about it. | I'm not doing that. | You're my rival. ]

Oh? So you'll think about it, at least?

...But I'd advise you don't say these things without their due consideration.

You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep, anyway.

That said, as long as we're working together, you'll have my strength.

Rest assured, I'll do my part. You'll find me very useful indeed.

I feel like my bond with Akechi is growing deeper...

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